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The South-West Montreal, destination for craft enthusiasts?

The South-west of Montreal is the top-hop paradise for double dry-happy beer enthusiasts !

«It’s always been a part of town we enjoyed do tours in, with so many history behind neighborhoods and historical buildings. Now you can smell the whiff of yeast from the breweries in between dust from jackhammering, digging and bulldozing new condos, Ha-Ha!» – Cédrick.

There is a new brewery on board as well on our tour offering, Messorem Bracitorium.

Messorem is a project created on paper by Marc-André Filion, Sébastien Chaput and Vincent Ménard. Each member has distinct strengths that together can be linked with the creation of a brewing company, a passion that has inhabited them for several years. For them, Messorem Bracitorium is the bridge to gap their hobby (microbrewery beer) and everyday work with friends.

“In 2015, we started meeting every Friday night with friends. We drank the best beers our cellars could hold. We spent our time discussing rare products, even non-existent here in Quebec. Also, those that we can find readily available here at home. We wondered what we could do to satisfy our thirst for exceptional products like those of some of our favorites from south of the border (Other Half, Grimm, Hudson Valley, American Solera, etc.) without having to cross international borders. When we do so, we are limited to bringing back only small amounts into the country, making great products rare and scarcely available in our beautiful province. For several months now, we have been sharing our ideas and working together to create beers that align with these microbreweries. Beers that we personally would like to drink.” – Marc-Andre Filion, Co-Owner and Founder @ Messorem Bracitorium

Learn, see and taste more on a brew tour at Messorem Bracitorium in the weeks to come!

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