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Top 30 team building activities in Montreal

The average person will spend 90 000 hours working over the course of their life. Incidentally, this means that the average person will spend more time with their coworkers than with their partner or kids. Just like family members, coworkers do not get to choose each other, but they do get to work on their relationship and communication skills with the help of fun corporate activities.

Team building activities are not just a mere luxury or an optional addition to a company’s agenda. They are vital components that contribute to the overall health and success of an organization. In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, building strong relationships and fostering a positive work environment are essential for achieving sustainable growth and maintaining a motivated workforce.

Fortunately, Montreal offers a plethora of team building opportunities that cater to diverse interests, preferences, and group sizes!

Spending quality time with colleagues can significantly increase team collaboration, employee engagement, productivity and job satisfaction. That’s why we’ve come up with some company outing ideas! Here’s our top 30 list of team-building activities here in Montreal to help create a productive, healthy and stimulating work environment, suitable for any corporation.

Team building activities for work aren’t easy to find
 But you’re in charge of organizing the next group activities for work. You might be wondering how to turn corporate group activities to fun group activities that everyone will remember!


1. A Taste of Montreal

What if productivity and pleasure could come together? Here’s one of the most original team outings: discover the city through Montreal’s finest beers, with a corporate brew tour.

City Brew Tours Montreal can accommodate 5 to 500 people and provide transportation from the front door of the office to the city’s best breweries, accompanied by tour guides to make sure that your team enjoys their activity without any worry.

Discover Montreal through your taste buds in good company and let the experts take care of everything. After all, it’s a well-known fact that drinking a beer after a hard day at work is the best way to socialize with your colleagues. Book a customized private brew tour to enjoy some of Canada’s best beers with them!

montreal beer tour


2. Team Building Montreal : The Recipe for a Successful Team

You are never better served than by yourself, so why not take part in a food-making workshop? Combine a hint of competition with a dash of cooking and create the perfect recipe to build communication and teamwork. In Montreal, you can participate in this fun team building activity at Chef en Vous . From a competitive ‘battle of the chefs’ to a corporate meeting right in the kitchen, participants will get to develop their cooking skills, while developing tasteful relationships with their coworkers.

If colleagues wish to improve their cooking skills, Academie Culinaire also offers a cooking class where teammates will create their own 4-course meal that they will be able to enjoy together in a dining room once completed.

activité corporatif Chef en Vous - team building montréal


3. Escape the Conference Room – A unique team building experience

Quite literally, this team-building activity is all about escaping and developing problem-solving skills of course, by escaping a conference in Montreal. By combining their mental strengths, coworkers will have to communicate, think and solve enigmas to make their way out of the room. Places like A/MAZE and EZKAPAZ are the best escape rooms in Montreal that help instore trust, creative thinking and offer a unique setting that will guarantee a successful team night out. An opportunity for your employees to reveal their inner team leader!

Escape room


4. Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Montreal is a city rich in activities, monuments, architecture and history. If you wish to create a strong bond between your team members all while partaking in physical activity, there is nothing like a trip around your own city. Discover Montreal’s hidden gems as you bike around the city with Velofestif Montreal.

Test a unique concept , and ride along Montreal’s bike-friendly paths to find inspiration around the city. This company offers a wide range of daily bike tours depending on your group’s interest and can accommodate 2 to 100 people.

Montreal's bike-friendly paths


5. Did Someone Say “Ice”?

Give into the magic of Canadian winters and learn how to sculpt ice. This fast-paced team building group activity requires nothing other than the will to try, as guests will be provided with the ice carving block as well as gloves and chisels. This fun and original activity, encourage creative thinking and creative problem solving, and allows for participants to learn a new skill.

A girl enjoying the winter in Montreal


6. Build a Business, and a Home

Whether your team has known each other for a long time, is incorporating new members or has just recently started working together, building a home from scratch will help them develop a strong bond, while helping out those in need.

Habitat for Humanity Quebec ‘s mission is to build houses for the less fortunate with the help of volunteers who will play a role in the construction of the house, as well as settling in the house’s new occupants. This team building activity will not only be beneficial to the company, but also to the community.

team work


7. Dine in the Dark

When you dine in the dark, and are deprived of your sight, your other senses are heightened, allowing for a better taste of food, particular attention to where the elements of the table are placed, and of course, a strong ear for the conversation happening around you.

That’s why Onoir restaurant is a great team outing idea: the perfect occasion to learn more about your coworkers. This corporate team building activity will allow for strong discussions and will require participants to help each other out as they will be plunged in the darkness.

Dine in the Dark


8. Up We Go

Help your entire team rise to the occasion by bringing them to Allez Up, a Montreal-based rock-climbing center. Participants can take part in a ‘competitive climb’ where they will be split in two teams.

Both teams will be asked to climb to the top of the wall, where an envelope with trivia questions will be hidden. The first team to come up with all the correct answers will win. A simple team building activity that will challenge participants’ physical and mental abilities in a friendly environment.

team building montreal allez up


9. Cruise Down Memory Lane and the Saint-Lawrence River

Connect through food and wine with your colleagues in an unconventional way. Instead of visiting a normal restaurant, why not change things up by boarding Montreal’s Cavalier Maxime AML Cruise. Feast your eyes and belly at once as you enjoy a gastronomic dinner and a live circus.

This team-building activity will certainly make for an interesting conversation and will help colleagues unwind after a solid week at work.

Cruise on the Saint-Lawrence River


10. Explore the Great Outdoors

If your team is competitive and enjoys the great outdoors, this team building activity is made for your corporation. Zenith Team Building offers a wide range of activities that can get your entire team moving, creative thinking, and working as a group.

The company’s pedestrian rally around the city of Montreal challenges groups to observe, reason and problem solve in order to complete the task. Teams will compete with each other; therefore, teammates will rely on each other’s strengths to complete the rally with a time limit. Take advantage of the return of the sun to encourage outdoor activities with your employees!

Outdoors team building activity


11. Breath In, Breath Out

With today’s hectic lifestyle, it is difficult to find time to relax, breathe and unwind
 especially at work. If you want your employees’ engagement to go up, and to have a healthy and productive working environment, invite Zen&Co into your business to teach yoga-inspired relaxation techniques.

This company comes to your workplace to teach simple, long-lasting techniques to reduce stress. This will not only help individuals recalibrate to come to work with a clear mind but will also facilitate healthy interactions between colleagues.

If you just wish to take your team out for a stroll, why not just hike up Montreal’s very own Mount-Royal. Your team will enjoy a nice breath of fresh air, and a beautiful overview of the city at the same time. It’s a simple, yet useful way to get out of the office and get to know their colleagues outside of work for a few hours.

Yoga-inspired relaxation techniques for team building


12. Rage!

Sometimes, work can cause you to be stressed. Helping your employees to relax can be a perfect team outing idea. Let go of all that stress by visiting Rage Montreal, a place where you can safely throw axes at a target and compete with your colleagues in a friendly tournament. If your group is constituted of 16 to 60 people, you can book a private event.

During this private event, your group can expect to be introduced to the proper technique on how to throw the axe, followed by activities to practice.

Once your team feels they have mastered the art of axe throwing, they will participate in a tournament to discover who the greatest axe thrower of the team is. While the main objective is pleasure, this activity allows for participants to develop a new skill, bond as a team, and blow off some steam at the same time!

Similar activities are also offered at Montreal’s Sport de Combats. In a safe environment called a rage cage, participants can use hammers, baseball bats, crow bars or golf clubs to destroy all sorts of items ranging from glassware and mirrors to ceramics and dishes.

team building montreal rage


13. Make a Difference Together

The magical season of the year is almost upon us, but this sadly also means that some will freeze in the cold, starve of hunger or be deprived of sleep because of their lack of shelter. Strengthen your team by coming together to help those in need. For many people, being part of an association can be a source of pride, a way of developing interpersonal relationships.

Spreading joy and good with colleagues can only strengthen the relations among a team and will also put a smile on the faces of those you help. Your team can volunteer at Moisson Montreal, a stimulating environment that will provide your team with real-life issues. By organizing and preparing the products for distribution, participants will contribute to help solve the hunger crisis, which will have a long-lasting effect on their personal lives, but also on the way they interact with their coworkers.

Since office parties and family gatherings are about to begin, your team could also volunteer at Operation Red Nose, to help people get home safely. A team building activity that will surely save lives.

People that volunteer


14. Tag! You’re It

Have you ever wondered what it was like to play laser tag? Well if you bring your team at Laser Quest Montreal, you will find out that not only is it a lot of fun, but it’s also extremely constructive.

Their Quest for Success program was specifically designed for team building, it was built considering the four pillar concepts of a strong team; communication, cooperation, trust and fun, which makes it a good team outing idea.

The program was developed by a corporate training professional and is meant to teach teams how to work together better while having a fun game. A day at Laser Quest Montreal will not only be fun but will teach you a lot as well.

Laser tag in Montreal


15. Flourish as a Team Through Art

Everyone likes to laugh and talk so why not join that together and head to Montreal Improv where your team will be taught public speaking techniques to develop confidence in front of audiences, but also a stronger team dynamic and creative thinking.

The organization offers a wide variety of classes suitable for beginners and more advanced participants. By offering a huge repertoire of games and team-building exercises to improve communication, teamwork and public speaking, Montreal Improv is the perfect place to host your next team building session.

Montreal improv’s team will tap into your team’s imagination and let them show off their talents. If public speaking is not your team’s forte, you can always get them in the groove with Samajam , a company that brings people and cultures together with percussion.

Learning public speaking


16. Soccer with a Kick

If you are looking for a lighthearted activity to make your team move, you can stop searching, Montreal Bubble Ball is what you need. All you have to do is gather your team of colleagues of a minimum of 6 players, pick a date and a venue, and enjoy this fun team building activity.

This company suggests a reinvented way to play soccer: in a bubble! Bubble soccer is the traditional game of soccer, but played with a bubble around your body, allowing for low-impact physical contact and a lot of laughter.

team building montreal bubble ball


17. Scavenger Hunt Extravaganza

Engaging in a city-wide scavenger hunt in Montreal isn’t just about finding clues; it’s about fostering teamwork and camaraderie among colleagues.

As teams work together to decipher clues, strategize routes, and uncover hidden treasures, they bond over shared victories and overcome challenges together. This collaborative team spirit not only makes the activity enjoyable for colleagues but also strengthens their relationships, improving communication and trust within the team.

Furthermore, the problem-solving and critical thinking skills honed during the scavenger hunt can be directly applied to workplace scenarios, enhancing productivity and innovation.

Ultimately, the fun-filled adventure of a scavenger hunt serves as a catalyst for team cohesion and growth, leading to a more effective and harmonious work environment.

a city-wide scavenger hunt in Montreal


18. Virtual Reality Adventures

Stepping into the world of virtual reality provides teams with a unique and thrilling team-building experience in Montreal, that encourages creative thinking in a time limit.

By immersing themselves in virtual adventures, colleagues embark on a journey that fosters collaboration and creative problem-solving. The excitement of navigating through futuristic landscapes and overcoming virtual challenges creates a sense of camaraderie among team members, making the activity not only enjoyable but also memorable.

Moreover, the skills developed in these virtual team building activities, such as adaptability and quick decision-making, translate seamlessly into the workplace, enhancing the company’s ability to innovate and adapt to changing circumstances. By embracing the cutting-edge technology of VR, teams not only have fun but also gain valuable skills that contribute to the company’s growth and success.

Virtual reality adventures in Montreal


19. Art Jamming Sessions

Unleashing creativity through art jamming sessions in Montreal offers colleagues a refreshing and engaging team-building experience.

As team members express themselves through paint and canvas, they not only foster innovation but also strengthen relationships within the team. The relaxed and supportive atmosphere of art jamming encourages open communication and team collaboration, making it easy for colleagues to connect on a personal level.

Furthermore, the act of creating art together promotes a sense of accomplishment and pride among team members, boosting employee morale and motivation. The creative thinking and teamwork skills cultivated during art jamming sessions translate directly into the workplace, where colleagues can apply these skills to problem-solving and idea generation.

By investing in creative team-building activities, companies not only foster a positive work environment but also nurture a team that is inspired to innovate and excel.

A jamming session as a team building activity


20. Outdoor Adventure Challenges

Venture into Montreal’s picturesque landscapes for thrilling outdoor adventure challenges. Whether conquering hiking trails or navigating canoeing expeditions, teams will engage in adrenaline-pumping activities that promote teamwork, trust-building, and problem-solving in a natural setting.

This immersive experience strengthens bonds and fosters resilience among team members, making it an unforgettable team-building adventure.

Outdoor adventure challenges as a team building for work


21. Team building workshops

In Montreal, team-building workshops offer a dynamic platform to equip your team with essential skills and strategies tailored to enhance productivity and team collaboration. These workshops go beyond traditional training sessions, providing interactive and engaging experiences designed to empower teams to excel in their roles while fostering a positive company culture.

Through workshops focused on leadership development, team members have the opportunity to hone their leadership skills, whether they’re emerging team leaders or seasoned managers. They learn effective communication techniques, decision-making strategies, and how to inspire and motivate their team members to achieve common goals. By cultivating leadership capabilities within the team, these workshops not only enhance individual performance but also contribute to the overall success of the company.

Similarly, workshops on conflict resolution provide teams with invaluable tools and techniques to navigate and resolve conflicts constructively. Team members learn to identify underlying issues, communicate assertively, and collaborate towards mutually beneficial solutions. By fostering a culture of open communication and mutual respect, these workshops mitigate conflicts and strengthen team cohesion, ultimately improving productivity and morale within the company.

A workshop to enhance productivity and team collaboration


22. Improv Comedy Workshops

Unleash your team’s spontaneity and creativity with improv comedy workshops. Led by seasoned performers, these interactive sessions enhance communication skills, foster teamwork, and promote a positive, lighthearted atmosphere within the team.

Improv comedy workshops in Montreal


23. Team-Building Retreats

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a team-building retreat in Montreal’s scenic countryside. From rustic cabins to luxury resorts, these immersive getaways offer opportunities for reflection, relaxation, and team bonding amidst breathtaking natural surroundings.

Retreat in Montreal's scenic countryside


24. Culinary Team Challenges

Put your team’s cooking skills to the test with culinary team challenges inspired by popular cooking shows. From mystery ingredient competitions to dessert wars, these fun-filled activities encourage team collaboration, innovation, healthy and friendly competition in the kitchen.

Culinary team challenges inspired by popular cooking shows


25. Archery Tag Battles

Experience the thrill of archery tag battles where teams face off in adrenaline-fueled competitions. This action-packed activity promotes strategic thinking, communication, and teamwork while providing a safe and exhilarating outlet for friendly competition.

archery tag battles


26. Team-Building Bingo

Shake up traditional bingo with a customized team-building twist. Teams compete to complete tasks, solve puzzles, and accomplish challenges scattered throughout Montreal, fostering collaboration, and creativity, in a friendly competitive spirit, fun and engaging format.

team-building bingo


27. Outdoor Movie Nights

Gather your team for outdoor movie nights under the stars. Montreal’s parks and public spaces offer the perfect backdrop for cinematic experiences, fostering camaraderie, relaxation, and shared memories among team members.

outdoor movie nights


28. Mix it up!

Looking for a unique and engaging team-building activity in Montreal? Look no further than cocktail making workshops offered by uFrost. These workshops provide a perfect blend of fun, creativity, and team collaboration, making them an ideal choice for bringing your team closer together.

At uFrost’s cocktail making workshops, participants are guided by experienced mixologists who share their expertise and passion for mixology. The workshops are designed to be hands-on, allowing team members to roll up their sleeves and get involved in crafting their own delicious cocktails.

One of the key aspects that make cocktail making an excellent team-building activity is its collaborative nature. Participants work together in small groups, taking turns to measure ingredients, shake cocktails, and garnish drinks. This fosters teamwork, team bonding and communication as colleagues collaborate to create unique and flavorful concoctions.

cocktail making workshops


29. Your very own olympics

Organizing an Olympics-style event for team building purposes can be incredibly beneficial for fostering a sense of unity, team collaboration, and healthy competition among team members.

By participating in various challenges and activities, individuals have the opportunity to work together, push their limits, and develop valuable skills such as communication, problem-solving, and leadership.

Moreover, the inclusive nature of such events celebrates diversity within the team, promoting mutual respect and appreciation for each member’s unique strengths. Beyond the physical and mental challenges, the camaraderie and shared experiences cultivated during an Olympics-style event can significantly boost morale and strengthen relationships, ultimately contributing to a more cohesive and effective team dynamic in the workplace.

Organizing an Olympics-style event for team building


30. Lego Play!

The LEGO play methodology represents an innovative facilitation approach designed to stimulate imagination and foster 3D communication, enabling participants to tackle complex challenges using LEGOÂź bricks to construct metaphors and narratives.

This methodology has been crafted to energize and involve participants, breaking down barriers and fostering collective intelligence to develop a shared vision, enhance innovation, and elevate organizational performance.

By liberating creative thinking and translating ideas into individual and collective commitments, it empowers teams to explore solutions in a dynamic and inclusive environment.

Unlike traditional problem-solving approaches that may prematurely filter ideas or succumb to devil’s advocacy, our process embraces both convergent and divergent thinking, ensuring that all perspectives are considered and valued throughout the journey.

Lego Play


31. Memories and a meal

Indulge in an exclusive exploration of Old Montreal’s culinary delights. Meander through the charming cobblestone streets of Old Montreal, reminiscent of European elegance, as a knowledgeable guide leads your team on a journey through history.

Discover iconic landmarks while tantalizing your taste buds with some of Montreal’s finest cuisine. With visits to three handpicked restaurants, each offering delectable dishes paired with carefully curated alcohol tastings, this tour promises a communal culinary adventure like no other.

Strengthen team bonds as you savor every bite together, creating unforgettable memories to cherish long after the tour ends.

Exploration of Old Montreal's culinary delights


Team building Ideas for everyone!

As team members collaborate, communicate, and problem-solve together, they develop a deeper understanding of each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and working styles, laying the foundation for effective teamwork and collaboration in the workplace.

Corporate outings offer a valuable opportunity for personal and professional development. Whether it’s honing leadership skills, improving communication abilities, or enhancing problem-solving capabilities, participants can acquire new skills and insights that are directly applicable to their roles within the organization.

It doesn’t matter the group sizes or if you have a remote team, it’s simple to find team building activities tailor-made for your crew, whether they are adventurous, active, creative or intellectual. Montreal is filled with team building events and private tours, entertaining and educative activities that will take the time to help your team build strong relations to create a healthy and effective work environment. So where will you take your employees next?

Contact City Brew Tours today to create a tailor-made team building for your teams! We can tailor your visit to any budget and any size, to meet specific needs for your business experience. Offer your employees an unforgettable experience!

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