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Get a taste of Germany at the Hofbrauhaus brewery in downtown Pittsburgh! The brewhouse opened in 2009, and was modeled after the legendary 400-year-old Hofbrauhaus in Munich! Upon arrival, you will bet met with the gleaming barrels on display, which you will pass when you enter into the alehouse decorated in traditional German style, and be greeted by a staff member dressed in traditional German garb! The architecture isn’t the only piece of Germany that you’ll experience. Hofbrauhaus also serves delicious authentic german cuisine that is a treat for both your eyes and your tummy. The dishes serve as a hearty warm-up for a selection of beers that are brewed from the original 400-year-old recipes handed down by the Duke of Bavaria! At Hofbrauhaus you’ll be transported in time and place to experience the quality and ambiance that will make for an unforgettable experience.


2705 S Water St
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


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