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Best Things To Do For a Bachelor Party in Montréal

Ready to tie the knot? Or not quite yet… but a friend of yours is about to say ‘’I do!’’… and you want him to remember his last boys-night for ever! Let’s be honest, Montréal is THE place to go ‘’I do’’. Whether you’re into sports, drinks or arts… there are some places in town that you have never dared to imagine!


SPORTS.On a steamy afternoon, you guys may want to freshen up a little bit and let your adventurous side scream out at the Saute-Moutons Jet Boating wharf in the Old Port! Sixty minutes of crazy waves! Back on the ground, we bet that your testosterone at its max would serve a game of axe throwing… Raging out loud the jokes and anecdotes of the old times. Set a throw time at RAGE.


DRINKS. After all this exercise, you’ll be hungry for food and draughty beverages. DO try the Auberge du Dragon Rouge and enjoy the medieval decor and the gargantuan menu. You’d rather go for wine and music in a vault? Gather in the city’s historical wine place, La Voûte. Breathtaking architecture and mind-blowing ambiance in the private salons of the place. More mystery? Google ‘’Le 4e mur’’… you’ll get an email with instructions to follow to find the clandestine place in the city. There a tasting menu for those who can find the hidden fourth wall…


ARTS. Stylish and chic, Bord’elle opens its doors to the curious crowd daring to see and taste more. The menu offers flavorous dishes and liquors, and sexy, masquerade and talented artists entertain the crowd… from ceiling to bar… Ever doubted that drape dancing was sexy? Stop at Bord’elle and fall under the spell. Later in the night, the restaurant becomes a dance club… be ready to meet all kinds of enchantments. For the classic striptease club in business since the fifties, a stop at the Chez Parée cabaret can amuse the eyes and the single men in your crew of bachelor can dream sexy. Special events can be booked for laughter and fun, respectful of the engagement of the celebrated one.