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Gill – City Coordinator & Beer Guide

zachLikes: Black metal, black coffee, black comedy and being the little spoon.

Dislikes: Hawaiian pizza, Episodes I through III and cowardice.

Favorite Beers: Lunacy C-3PA, Yards Cape of Good Hope, Kulmbacher Kapuziner and Russian River Consecration


John – Beer Guide

johnHistory enthusiast, Simpsons expert, movie quote extrordinare, aspiring Ron Swanson, I’m probably taller than you.

Likes: Beach activities, foliage, Red Vines, anything with gluten, words that end with “-eria”

Dislikes: The Electoral College, cold cheese, wedding/baby showers

Favorite beers: Gouden Corolus Tripel, Lunacy Purgatory, Dock Street Golden IPA, Bells Two Hearted, my homemade Licorice Imperial Stout


Sam – Beer Guide

samAbout: Just your average beer nerd that listens to pop punk, can’t grow a beard, and talks to strangers in his free time. I like long walks through the wilderness especially when there’s a few (read: many) good beers waiting for me at the end. When my nose isn’t buried in a textbook, you can better believe that it’s looking for the flavors in whatever beer I’m drinking. Fun fact: I’ve had multiple professors tell me that if being a doctor doesn’t work out I should consider stand up comedy (not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult).

Favorite Beer: Impossible to pick just one but The Alchemist Focal Banger, Weyerbacher Sour Black, and Bells Two-Hearted


Tyler – Beer Guide

Likes:  Sleeping, reading large tomes, sucking at golf and grilling red meat.

Dislikes:  Hashtags, poor grammar, having a baby face, and open-mouth chewing.

Favorite beers: Even More Jesus by Evil Twin, Spotted Cow by New Glarus,
and both Galaxy-Hopped Fort Point Ale and Big Sprang by Trillium


Mark – Beer Guide

mark-tour-guideAbout:  Enthusiastic single dad, master of sarcasm, glass is always half full (with craft beer), the ‘No Spin Zone’, I’m not Danny Bonaduce

Likes:  Outdoor workouts especially trail racing at night, changing seasons, nor’easters, my little gingers sarcastic smile, well made beer

Dislikes:  Inconsiderate texters, close talkers, tv dinners, 13.1 stickers, tailgaters, alligator arms

Favorite beers: Fixed Gear by Lakefront, Dockstreet EKG, Stone ‘Enjoy By’, Tripel Karmeliet, Mayer Lite (my session blonde ale) and Dogfish Black & Blue



Anthony – Beer Guide

Likes: Baseball in the summer, Vonnegut, bad sci-fi, travelling, trying new things, asking truckers to honk their horn, being outside – especially the woods or the beach, and of course beer!

Dislikes: Ignorance, climate change, people who litter

Favorite Beers: It is so hard to choose just a few; Weihenstephaner Vitus, Cape May City to Shore, Sly Fox Grisette, Hill Farmstead Susan, and pretty much any Lambic.


Max – Beer Guide

Likes: Belgian beers, medium-length walks on the beach, actors named Chris, cigars, Die Hard 1-4

Dislikes: Any product that misspells the word “light,” cakes with fruit filling (why? just why?), Josh Radnor, Die Hard 5

Favorite beers: Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald, Schneider Weisse Aventinus, Center of the Universe El Duderino, Hardywood Gingerbread Stout




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