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Anthony – City Coordinator & Beer Guide

Likes: Baseball in the summer, Vonnegut, bad sci-fi, travelling, trying new things, asking truckers to honk their horn, being outside – especially the woods or the beach, and of course beer!

Dislikes: Ignorance, climate change, people who litter

Favorite Beers: It is so hard to choose just a few; Weihenstephaner Vitus, Cape May City to Shore, Sly Fox Grisette, Hill Farmstead Susan, and pretty much any Lambic.


Gill – Beer Guide


Likes: Black metal, black coffee, black comedy and being the little spoon.

Dislikes: Hawaiian pizza, Episodes I through III and cowardice.

Favorite Beers: Lunacy C-3PA, Yards Cape of Good Hope, Kulmbacher Kapuziner and Russian River Consecration


John – Beer Guide

johnHistory enthusiast, Simpsons expert, movie quote extrordinare, aspiring Ron Swanson, he’s probably taller than you.

Likes: Beach activities, foliage, Red Vines, anything with gluten, words that end with “-eria”

Dislikes: The Electoral College, cold cheese, wedding/baby showers

Favorite beers: Gouden Corolus Tripel, Lunacy Purgatory, Dock Street Golden IPA, Bells Two Hearted, my homemade Licorice Imperial Stout


Sam – Beer Guide

samAbout: Just your average beer nerd that listens to pop punk, can’t grow a beard, and talks to strangers in his free time. Sam likes long walks through the wilderness especially when there’s a few (read: many) good beers waiting for him at the end. When his nose isn’t buried in a textbook, you can better believe that it’s looking for the flavors in whatever beer he’s drinking. Fun fact: Sam has had multiple professors tell him that if being a doctor doesn’t work out he should consider stand up comedy (He’s not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult).

Favorite Beer: Impossible to pick just one but The Alchemist Focal Banger, Weyerbacher Sour Black, and Bells Two-Hearted


Tyler – Beer Guide

Likes:  Sleeping, reading large tomes, sucking at golf and grilling red meat.

Dislikes:  Hashtags, poor grammar, having a baby face, and open-mouth chewing.

Favorite beers: Even More Jesus by Evil Twin, Spotted Cow by New Glarus,
and both Galaxy-Hopped Fort Point Ale and Big Sprang by Trillium


Mark – Beer Guide

mark-tour-guideAbout:  Enthusiastic single dad, master of sarcasm, glass is always half full (with craft beer), the ‘No Spin Zone’, he’s not Danny Bonaduce

Likes:  Outdoor workouts especially trail racing at night, changing seasons, nor’easters, my little gingers sarcastic smile, well made beer

Dislikes:  Inconsiderate texters, close talkers, tv dinners, 13.1 stickers, tailgaters, alligator arms

Favorite beers: Fixed Gear by Lakefront, Dockstreet EKG, Stone ‘Enjoy By’, Tripel Karmeliet, Mayer Lite (his session blonde ale) and Dogfish Black & Blue

Max – Beer Guide

Likes: Belgian beers, medium-length walks on the beach, actors named Chris, cigars, Die Hard 1-4

Dislikes: Any product that misspells the word “light,” cakes with fruit filling (why? just why?), Josh Radnor, Die Hard 5

Favorite beers: Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald, Schneider Weisse Aventinus, Center of the Universe El Duderino, Hardywood Gingerbread Stout


AJ – Beer Guide

About: AJ is a Music Teacher, Cat owner, and Home-brewing enthusiast shaping young musical minds in the Philly area.

Likes: Music without lyrics, Parks and Rec, Brooklyn 99, Pizza

Dislikes: Willingly ignorant people, silence, open mouth chewers.

Favorite Beers: Dogsfish Head’s Old School and SeaQuench, Weyerbacher’s Old Heathen, and Treehouse’s Green.

Chuck – Beer Guide

Chuck is a lifelong Philadelphian who finished college in the mid-80’s and found a city without a single brewery left. Since then he has been pleased to see Philly grow its brewery population into the dozens. A longtime bartender, he now spends his days wrangling dogs and his nights wrangling beers.

His favorite brews include Ommegang Hennepin, Rodenbach Grand Cru, Dock Street’s classic Summer in Berlin and his first love, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

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