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Founded in 1985 by Rosemarie Certo and Jeffrey Ware, Dock Street Brewing Company was the first microbrewery in Philadelphia and one of the first post-prohibition craft breweries in the country. Today, Dock Street is a small artisanal brewery that finds its home in a magnificent historic firehouse on the corner of 50th and Baltimore Ave., in a progressive, eclectic and counter-culture neighborhood that reflects Dock Street’s core philosophy. With a rich brewing history and a reputation for exceptional quality, innovation and distinctive beers, Dock Street has won countless awards and continues to experiment and push the boundaries of the craft brewing movement. In addition to award-winning beers, they also offer a selection of expertly tossed wood-fired pizzas, and beer lovers in the know come here for select takeout specialty bottles, such as La Biere des Amis, one of the first collaborations between a French and American craft brewer. Want a beer that has been infused with the beats of Wu Tang for six months, or a zombie beer made with smoked goat brains? You can find these and other delicious concoctions at Dock Street Brewery.


701 S 50th St
Philadelphia, PA 19143


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