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COVID-19 Update

Tours to resume on city-by-city basis

Last updated: July 1, 2020

City Brew Tours is closely monitoring COVID-19 data in each of our 11 locations and will reopen tour operations on a city-by-city basis. See our tour calendar for available booking dates, or check out one of our new, online experiences

As we resume tours, the safety of our valued guests, brewery affiliates, their direct customers, and our tour guides is of paramount importance. With this in mind we will be instituting stringent guidelines for the time frame of reopening in all cities in which we operate. Our operations will be in accordance with federal guidelines for reopening, and we will be using Covid Act Now to ensure reported data is in line with our reopening policies.

Tours will remain closed until three criteria are met:

Once a state or region meets the above criteria, we will resume tours there.

Here’s how we will keep you safe:

Here’s how you will keep us and others safe:

We look forward to seeing our customers again and returning you to our tradition of providing award winning craft beer experiences. 

We will be able to suspend the above guidelines upon the introduction of a vaccine or a designation of herd immunity and will be monitoring the CDC guidelines for when such a return to normalcy may take place. Until then, we appreciate your cooperation in complying with these guidelines.