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The Willis brothers, Dave and Will, laid the foundation for Bully Boy Distillers right in their childhood backyard. This just so happened to be Charlescote Farm, a four-generation working farm their family has owned for over 100 years. Beginning by creating cider with their homegrown apples, the two entered the “flavorland” of craft alcoholic beverages as they matured and learned. The distillery they own together today is named after their grandfather’s favorite workhorse, revealing their deep appreciation for ancestral ties and the fruit of the land that started it all. Today, they provide an array of whiskey, rum, and vodka that highlight the taste of Boston.


 44 Cedric St, Boston, MA 02119


While you cannot currently find Bully Boy Distillers on a Boston Brew Tour, it is a spot that we highly recommend visiting if you are in the area!


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