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Brookland Pint was founded by John Andrade on the premise of environmental sustainability. Their strict focus on American craft beer allows them to eliminate the impact of transatlantic shipping, as well as maintain a locally-based revenue stream that keeps the city thriving (and well satiated!). They are also committed to serving primarily draft beer to reduce their impact on recycling resources, a large percentage of their chef-driven, seasonal menu is sourced from local and regional farms, and most of their staff lives within walking distance to help minimize parking problems, traffic flow and reduce their carbon footprint. We know that’s a lot of science speak but their beer speaks for itself with flavors as fresh as a morning breeze using an energy source that comes from… wait for it… windmill farms. It’s safe to say with every sip of Brookland Pint’s beer you’re helping the environment, so you can feel good about throwing back that second, third (or fifth!) pint. We won’t tell. And don’t forget to try their equally beneficial menu of organic dishes, appetizers and cheeses. On this stop, you can plan to eat, drink and be a merry, environmentally conscious citizen of earth.


716 Monroe St NE
Washington, DC 20017


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