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DC Brew Tour FAQs

What about cancellation due to severe weather?

In the event of inclement weather, the decision to cancel will be made by Brew Tours Staff at least 12 hours before the start of the tour. If roads are fair and our brewery partners are open, we make every effort to run our tours as scheduled. If we have to cancel a tour due to weather, full refunds will be provided. Should you wish to reschedule due to inability to travel during the inclement weather, please give us a call at 202-759-8687 to discuss your options, a fee may apply if your tour was still scheduled to operate.

What should I wear?

We don’t have a dress code, however our brewery affiliates and our company policy require CLOSED TOE SHOES. No Sandals.

How much do our public tours cost?

  • The Original Brew Tour: $99PP
  • The Happy Hour Brew Tour: $99PP
  • The Sip of DC Brew Tour: $70PP
  • Non-drinker tickets on any tour: $65PP (21+ only, all of the fun, none of the alcohol)
Do you offer gift certificates?

YES!  Click here!

How do I book a tour?

Click Here! Then choose which DC Brew Tour you’d like to book. Select a date, then fill out all the necessary information. If the tour you clicked is not available, we may have another tour option available that day. We run our Original and After Hour Tours daily. Please call us if you have any difficulty booking a tour.

Why wasn’t I able to pay when making a booking?

If we did not ask for payment during the booking process, we have not reached our minimum tour participants. Once the tour minimum is met, the system will automatically accept your booking request and you will then have 48 hours to pay the amount due. If this payment is not received within 48 hours, the system will automatically cancel your tour.

Where is pick up?

The van picks up from 801 F St. NW Washington DC 20004 (in front of the Donald w. Reynolds center for art and portraiture/National Portrait Gallery).This location is only a block from Gallery Place Chinatown Metro Station which services the Green, Red and Yellow Metro Lines.

What time is pick-up?

The van will depart from 801 F St. NW Washington DC 20004 promptly at the official tour start time. If guests are not at the pickup location at the start time the bus will leave without you.

What is a beer guide?

Beer Guide /bir ɡīd/ (n.) A clever, intelligent, and charismatic individual who passes on epic and timeless beer knowledge through stories and jokes to eager and enthusiastic tour-goers.

Could my tour get cancelled?

Not likely, but its possible. In the event of severe weather or a lack of tour-goers, the tour may be canceled. If there are less than four (4) seats booked for a tour, that tour may be subject to cancellation (so bring all of your friends and family)!

If there are less than four (4) seats booked for a tour, we will notify you 48 hours prior to your tour and try to reschedule you to an alternate date/time. If you can’t reschedule, you will receive a full refund.

What’s included in the price?

Tours are ALL INCLUSIVE! The tour price includes up to 15+ different beers (ranging from 3-16 ounces), a beer food pairing meal, brewery entrance fees, brewery gratuity, and round trip transportation.

How long are the tours?

The Original and After Hours tours are approximately 5 hours. Our Sip of DC tour lasts about 3.5 hours.

Where should I park if I am driving to the pick up spot?

We suggest guests park at the Quikpark at 1001 G St NW Washington, DC 20001 (202) 393-7611. Parking is a flat rate of $18 for up to 12 hours. The parking lot entrance is on 10th St.

Can I book a tour the morning of?

If there are seats available, you absolutely can! Please call us to inquire about availability 202-759-8687

Should I eat before the tour?

Don’t drink on an empty stomach. Take advantage of the Shake Shack around the corner!

Is tip for your beer guide included in the price?

$10pp (Approx. 12%) gratuity is included for parties of four or greater. If you think your guide was great, we suggest $15 pp.

What are the minimum number of people for a tour run?

All DC Brew Tours need a minimum of 4 people to run.

Do you offer private tours?

Yes! Please take a look at our general PRIVATE TOUR TIER PRICING or email us at dc@brewtours.us. We can accommodate groups as large as 300 people.

How big are your public tours?

Our public tour normally never exceeds 14 people. If you have a larger group, please contacts about setting up a private tour.

Can you drink in the van?

Drinking is reserved only for the breweries.

What is your policy on intoxication before and during the tour?

If a person is visibly intoxicated before the tour begins, we have to right to deny your entrance onto the tour. During the tour, if a customer disobeys, disrespects, causes any physical or emotional harm to any property, staff, or the group as a whole, their entire group will be removed from the tour. If either of these situations occur, no refund will be provided. DO NOT PRE-GAME THE BREW TOUR and RESPECT THE BREWERIES, GUIDE, & VEHICLE.


What is the refund policy for a City Brew Tours?

Due to high demand for tours, tickets are non-refundable 3 days prior to the tour. Our refund policy for Public/private Tours is as follows:

  • 2 weeks or more: Full Refund
  • Less than 2 weeks: 75% Refund
  • Less than 7 days: 50% Refund
  • Less than 72 hours: Non-refundable
Can I reschedule my tour?

Any date changes that are made less than 7 days before your tour will be subject to a $25pp rescheduling fee. No date changes can be made less than 72 hours before a tour.

What happened to the After Hours Brew Tour? Where did it go?

In December, the “After Hours” Brew Tour was replaced by the Happy Hour Brew Tour. If you have a gift voucher or a pre-existing groupon for the After Hours tour it has carried over and can be used for the Happy Hour Brew Tour just as you would have used it for the After Hours Brew Tour.