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The Original Montreal Craft Beer Tour

Montreal, cosmopolitan city, city of culture, city of food but also a city of beer and microbrewery. Indeed, the city is full of craft brewery bars, each as charming as the next. Some of them produce unique, tasty brew beers brewed on-site that embody the Montreal character.

Taking a tour of Montreal’s breweries is an excellent opportunity to discover the city’s different neighborhoods and atmospheres. First a wheat beer at the Helm, a small, simple and welcoming bar in the middle of the Mile End district. Or an American IPA in the Benelux in the frenzy of Sherbrooke Street and downtown. 

City Brew Tour guides you along Montreal’s microbrewery trail, which can get more and more winding as you go along. Everything is already thought out so t

hat your only occupation during the tour is to have as much fun as possible.

The Original Craft Beer Tour

In the original tour, you will be able to visit 4 different Montreal microbreweries. And have the chance to taste up to 16 styles of beer. The City Brew Tour team takes care of the travel between the microbreweries in an original bus full of atmosphere. 

Afterward, a comforting and delicious meal,  beer and food pairings are provided and are included in the package. And finally, you will discover the world of artisanal beer in Montreal. With VIP access to the history of beer, brewing process and the new generation of brewers.

A perfect group activity

A craft beer tour is an ideal activity for a group event and a city tour. Whether it’s with your friends or colleagues to strengthen your bonds or simply to take some good time. We assure you one thing, you’ll have a great time. City brew Tour tour helps you organize your events whether it is :

Montreal Craft Beer Tour

Discover Montreal through a craft beer tour

It is said that Montreal is the most European city in North America. Thanks to its architectural styles but also to the language and heritage of French culture and the Latin quarter.

Old Port of Montreal and Griffintown

You will cross the various districts of the city, particularly the Old Port of Montreal. Distinguished by its Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, its famous cobblestone streets and Jacques Cartier place. One of the most charming but also affluent neighborhoods of Montreal on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. You will get lost in its small streets carried by the sweet scent of craft brews.

The Mount Royal Plateau and the Mile-End

These two neighborhoods at the foot of Mont-royal are dotted with small restaurants and beer bars, each with their own concept. Crossed by Saint-Laurent and Saint-Denis streets, they are full of entertainment. Many Montreal artists have made their homes in the Mile-End.

Book your activity with City Brew Tours

If you want to organize a great activity with friends or colleagues please contact us and we will be happy to help you with a brewery tour. Discover also our Sip of Montreal brew tour.

This memorable activity is suitable for everyone of legal drinking age, beer lovers or just curious people who want to have a beer tasting experience.

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