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Top 10 most epic Montreal bachelor party activities

Ready to tie the knot? Or not quite yet, but a friend of yours is about to say “I do!” and you want him to remember his last boys’ night out forever with some of the best Montréal Bachelor Party activities?

We’ve got the best places and things to do in Montréal lined up for you to make you want to say “yes” to adventure! Whether you’re into sports, unexpected experiences or partying, here are some places in town you’ve never dared to imagine! Go from chill to thrill in an instant!

Check out our selection of 10 wild bachelor party ideas in Montréal that you’re sure to remember. Hang on to your hat; you’re in for the ride of a lifetime!

1. Take the plunge for your Montreal Bachelor Party


Hit the waves before hitting the bars! On a steamy afternoon, you guys may want to freshen up a little bit and let your adventurous side out at the Saute-Moutons Jet Boating wharf in the Old Port! Sixty minutes of crazy waves await! Be prepared to go wild and get wet!

If you’re looking for even more thrills and want to feel like you’re the hero of an action movie, we would recommend to go for their spin boating offering, and take a drench-worthy roller coaster ride on water. Be aware that this is only available when weather permits, from mid-June to September.

If you want to be closer to the action, another Montreal bachelor party day activity would be to brave the intense waves of the Lachine Rapids with Montreal Rafting. All aboard!

2. Experience Skyfall in real life

montreal bachelor party ifly

If you’re in the mood for an adrenaline rush, iFLY offers an indoor skydiving experience. Ready to suit up and take the leap? Everyone is sure to have a memorable time freefalling, and the best part is, this indoors experience is ideal for a Montreal bachelor party anytime of the year!

3. Go out with a bang with your gang

montreal bachelor party rage cage

Let it all out at the Rage Cage, and get everyone riled up for it by adding a dash of competition to the mix, to make things more interesting. Breaking plates and printers has never been so fun!

Book a time slot at Sports de Combats, and while you’re there, why not move on to axe-throwing afterwards, and blow off some more steam with your friends?

4. Take a ride on the wild side

montreal bachelor party kart

Do you need other wild Montreal bachelor party ideas to impress your crew? Kart-O-Mania is the ideal sport that fuels you with all the adrenaline you could wish for with its indoor karting tracks. Race against your friends or the clock for a crazy time!

If you want to play it safe by going digital – we know that driving during a Montreal bachelor party is not always a fine idea – or be behind the wheel of a more powerful engine, do try Vortex Racing, a fully-immersive VR simulator that lets you drive a Formula One racecar. We swear, you’ll feel the wind in your hair!

5. Test your aim

Montreal Bachelor Party dodgebow

One of the many cool bachelor party ideas you can find in Montreal is shooting at your friends during a combat pistol game. The only question: what’s the name of the game? Whether your poison of choice is laser tag, paintball or archery, we’ve got you shooting all day!

You’ll see how fun laser tag can be at Laser Quest Montreal, and this will make for a great opportunity to get to know the other guests in a unique context and grow closer by cooperating in teams. Playing paintball at Montreal Action 500 is also a good option. With 65 000 square feet at your disposal, you are sure to have a good time.

But our pick for the ultimate epic time would be a game of DodgeBow, at DodgeBow Archery Games. A mix between dodgeball and archery, it allows you to shoot at your friends with special arrows and almost no protective gear. Ready to see who’s merciless, and who’ll bow out absurdly?

6. Feeling Lycky for your Montreal Bachelor party?

montreal bachelor party zone casino

Head to the Casino de Montréal to place a few bets, and give The Zone a try, where you can gamble in an immersive and lively multi-game area made for groups, and animated by a game host. Ready to bet to the beat?

Even if you’re not a gambler, the casino has plenty of options for you; from live music shows to stand-up comedy.

7. Say yes to the quest

montreal bachelor party amaze

If you’re looking for something a little more intellectual and mysterious for your Montreal bachelor party, we’ve got the very best options of Montreal for you! You’re in for a night of riddles and hidden gems.

Start off your party the right way by escaping the usual bachelor bash locations, and immersing yourself in a world of enigmas, imagination and adventure. A/MAZE and EZKAPAZ have the very best escape room experiences in Montreal and know how to set the mood. We particularly recommend A/MAZE’s prison break scenario, with its challenging puzzles and gripping storyline, or its out-of-location games that can be set anywhere you want, with the help of a game master.

But the investigation doesn’t stop here… Play detective with us a little while longer! Google “le 4e Mur Montreal”, and follow the instructions and trail of clues to solve this case! We won’t say more, it’s time for you to discover the truth by yourself!

We know that finding unique and fun spots for a bachelor party in Montreal isn’t easy, but we hope this will help you out!

8. Eyes closed, senses up

montreal bachelor party onoir

If you’re in the mood for a little more mystery and enhanced dining experience, discover an unusual dine-in-the-dark restaurant: Onoir. If you’re feeling adventurous, eat in a pitch-black room, and allow for your other senses to take up where your sight left off.

9. Now that you’ve popped the question, pop in for a drink, or two…

montreal bachelor party citybrewtours

A Montreal bachelor party wouldn’t be complete without refreshments.

If you want to start early and enjoy a little day drinking, instead of trying popular brewpubs, kick off the party with a craft beer tour in Montreal and get the best beer experience ever! There’s no time like the present after all! Discover the city through craft beer tastings: City Brew Tours Montreal takes you to 3-4 breweries, where you will sample up to 15 beers and learn all about Québec artisanal beers. And the best part? You drink, we drive! You can craft your private tour to fit your budget and get the most amazing experience!

After all the activities of the day, you’re bound to be hungry and parched. In the mood for wine and music in a vault? Head to the city’s historic wine place, La Voûte – you’re sure to enjoy its breathtaking architecture and the intimate atmosphere of its private lounge and salons.

10. Dance the night away


To get the complete, time-honoured Montreal bachelor party experience, enjoy a dance show before hitting the dance floor yourself!

Stylish and chic, Bord’elle opens its doors to the curious crowd daring to see and taste more. Its menu offers flavorful dishes and liquors, while sexy, talented artists entertain the crowd, from ceiling to bar! Ever doubted that drape dancing was sexy? Reserve a table at Bord’elle and fall under the spell. Later in the night, the restaurant becomes a dance club: be ready to meet all kinds of enchantments!

For the classic striptease club, a stop at Chez Parée, a tasteful cabaret located in downtown streets and in business since the 50s, will amuse the eyes and the single men in your crew. Let yourself go, in a dazzling whirlwind of dance and indulgence.For a memorable bachelor party experience and after an amazing night of drinking and dancing, don’t forget to grab a traditional poutine in Montreal streets with its famous cheese curds that warm your heart.

Ready to be the best Groosman?

There is no shortage of exciting Montreal bachelor party ideas!

Now all you need to do is pick and choose activities to create a Montreal Bachelor Party itinerary that suits the bachelor! From action-packed activities to gourmet experiences, this Montreal bachelor party guide has everything you need for a great weekend among friends!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this top 10 bachelor party destinations.

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