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BarrieHaus Beer Co. carries a long legacy of brewing that stretches back more than 150 years. Head Brewer Jim Barrie’s great-great-great-grandfather Philip Kling moved from Germany to America and opened a barrel shop. He quickly found another use for those barrels, though: storing and selling German-inspired lagers instead of the English ales still popular in the country. Ph. Kling Brewing Company operated until forced to shut down by Prohibition, but brewing didn’t leave this family behind so easily.

During Prohibition, Jim’s family continued to brew and sell beer, because in the end, they knew one thing: beer always wins! Today Jim and Brittney Barrie operate BarrieHaus with their partner Junbae Lee, staying true to their roots. Focused on family tradition, BarrieHaus is known for brewing a wide range of delicious German-style lagers sure to delight the senses, and maybe have you thinking about your own great-great-great-grandpappy and what he was up to.


1403 E 5th Ave
Tampa, FL 33605


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