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12 Tried and True Recipes Made With Beer

Are you a beer-lover looking for a little culinary inspiration? Check out these delicious recipes cooked or baked with brews and collected from beer-lovers like yourself! From decadent desserts enriched with stouts and IPAs to hearty ale stews and soups to tender meat dishes, there is a recipe sure to catch your eye.     […]

Where to Find the Best Breweries, Hot Spots and Sights in Boise

Long one of the American Northwest’s best kept secrets, the cat is officially out of the bag on Boise, Idaho. The capital city and its surrounding suburbs count for some of the fastest growing cities in the country over the past half-decade. Serving as a reflection of the city itself, Boise breweries are also increasing in number […]

Beat the Heat With a Belgian-Style Wheat

Week 5 Brian Keeps His Summers “White” Hot With Belgian Inspired Brews Every day is a good day for Allagash White, but this Belgian wheat ale hits particularly well in the summer. A world-class example of the style, “White” is the perfect beer for capping off any activity. Whether you’re celebrating your hike at the trail’s end, relaxing […]

Anything Gose All Summer With a Tart Cherry Beer

Week 5 Laura Drops a Cherry Bomb on the Summer Doldrums When it’s sunny and hot, I need a drink that chills me to the bone. Sure, an IPA or a nice crisp Lager could do the trick, but nothing beats a fruited Gose in my mind. Here in Southern Indiana we’ve had some odd […]

A Brew for Burgers, Bratwursts and Buds

Week 4 Grillin’, Chillin’ and Swillin’ Summer is all about three things: grilling, porch chilling and beer drinking. You can find me out on the deck all summer long sweating over a rippin’ hot barbeque. When I’m outside soaking up the summer sun like a monitor lizard, I need something that is light, refreshing and […]

The Best Beer to Bring on the Golf Course

Week 3 Todd Gets Out of the Rough and Onto a “Green State Lager” I live in Vermont. That means I ski in the winter, avoid the mud in the spring, play golf in the summer, and stare at leaves in the fall. Throughout most of the year, the hazy IPA reigns supreme up here. […]

Where to Find the Best Breweries, Hot Spots and Sights in Bend

The gem of the criminally unheralded Central Oregon landscape, Bend is a city surrounded by some of America’s most splendorous wilderness scapes. The city is a veritable portal to dense forests, stretching vistas and rushing waterways, offering endless respite for adventurers emboldened by a blanket of dark skies. As we well know by now, most […]

The Perfect Pilsner for Lawn Duty

WEEK 2 Brian Uses His License to “Pils” to Bring Lawn and Order to the Neighborhood Summertime gets me in straight Dad mode. What can I drink that will quench my thirst after a long day of sharpening mower blades, decimating weeds and bench-pressing toddlers? I go straight to Pilsners every time to top myself […]

6 Beer Styles to Shake Up Your Summer

Everyone’s recommendations for summer beer styles are in, and they are… the same exact recommendations as last year and the year before that. Kolsch, lagers, hefeweizens, sours, and pilsners—these are the styles bandied around the Internet for best summer beers, and not without good reason. However, if you’re searching for something beyond the basics, check […]

Introducing the Summer Slammer Series – St. Elmo Brewing Co. “Carl”

WEEK 1 Iain Talks About His Imaginary Friend “Carl” (Just Go Along With It) Texas summers are famously hot, and this summer is especially unrelenting. When I’m staring down a week straight of record highs, this Kölsch from St. Elmo Brewing Co. is what I reach for. “Carl” is a spectacular everyday beer, with no hidden agenda other than […]

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