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Category: Guide of the Month

November & December Guides of the Month

The holidays are a special time spent with family, friends and, if you’re like us, amazing craft beer. For our November & December beer guides of the month, Courtney and Charles, this holiday season was extra special – the two got married December 12! Courtney and Charles hail from the Washington DC area where they […]

October Guide of the Month: Tim

Tim joined the team at City Brew Tours just three months ago and has already guided more than 800 guests through our online beer events! As a longtime craft beer connoisseur, his expertise in both beer appraisal and homebrewing make him a natural as a CBT beer guide. Tim hails from Baltimore and is looking […]

September Guide of the Month: Mike

Mike has been with City Brew Tours about two years. For most of that time he guided brewery tours in the Baltimore area, though he recently relocated to Raleigh, NC. Although we don’t have brewery tours running in the Raleigh area (yet!), we are fortunate that Mike jumped on board with our online craft beer […]

August Guide of the Month: Liz

As an full-time arborist, Liz spends her days slinging chainsaws. As a part-time City Brew Tours beer guide, she spends her nights slinging beer facts — and she sure is good at it. Liz joined the team in July after making a move to Boston and wasted no time getting into her new role. With […]

June Guides of the Month

These past few months have been extraordinary. Earlier this year, stay-at-home orders were issued across the nation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thousands of businesses were forced to close their doors, and the economy ground to a near halt. Some industries were hit harder than others, including the two City Brew Tours straddles: tourism […]

March Guide of the Month: Bob

March’s Guide of the Month is Bob from Cleveland! Bob definitely encompasses the City Brew Tours Value of community. He always goes the extra mile, regularly supports our affiliate breweries, and is just overall a really personable and stand-up guide. Which one of the City Brew Tours values do you connect with the most and […]

February Guide of the Month: Eric

Our company values should be reflected in all that we do as City Brew Tours. We recognize that our guides are the face of this community so we think it’s important to select a Guide of the Month. Throughout 2020, the Guide of the Month program will highlight one coworker a month, whose exceptional actions […]

January Guide of the Month: Ethan

Before you worked at City Brew Tours, what was the most interesting or unusual job you’ve ever had? Too many weird ones to count. Right now, one of my favorite strange jobs is narrating sea lion feedings for fancy events at the Central Park Zoo. What interested you in City Brew Tours, and what is […]

December Guide of the Month: Kevin

How long have you lived in Vermont? What’s your favorite place to show tourists in Burlington? I have lived in Burlington for 4.5 years.  After showing people around the beer scene, I always make sure they have plenty of options to keep the party going.  For more great beers I recommend Archives, Manhattan’s or Finnigans. […]

November Guide of the Month: Clayton

Before you worked at City Brew Tours, what was the most interesting or unusual job you’ve ever had? For about four years I was a private investigator in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Hidden cameras, tinted windows, multiple disguises, and everything else you’re imagining. However, like most things, it sounds way cooler in theory […]

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