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Category: Oktoberfest

Prost! – The Beers of Oktoberfest

By Kate Hellner Originating as a marriage celebration between royalty over 200 years ago, Oktoberfest has since come to represent so much more—Bavarian tradition and culture; food, fun, revelers joining together, not just in Munich, but all over the world. However, these days, beer is the first thing that comes to mind when you think […]

The Amusements of Oktoberfest: Rides and Attractions

By: Laura Juntunen When you imagine Oktoberfest, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is the Oktoberfest beers! But, have you considered what else this folk festival has to offer? Have you questioned if there are other activities your kids would enjoy? Well, there is so much more to this beer festival than […]

Oktoberfest Food—Why Fest, When You Can OktoberFEAST?

By Kate Hellner Crisp beers flowing from the tap into fresh steins, crowds of revelers decked out in their finest (or most ironic) lederhosen, upbeat music drifting between the tents. It is the quintessential image of Oktoberfest. But, what is a day of drinking Bavarian beers without feasting on equally iconic Oktoberfest food?  The rich, […]

The Tents of Oktoberfest

By Audrey Quinn Although there isn’t much variety in the beer served at Oktoberfest, the 17 large and 21 small tents at the event could not be more different! This isn’t your typical tailgate tent, however, as these tents clock in at thousands of square feet and take three months to set up. From crossbow […]

Reinheitsgebot – What is the German Purity Law?

By Audrey Quinn In a world of triple dry-hopped milkshake IPAs and maple bacon coffee porters, it’s easy for the passionate beer lover to reminisce of simpler times. For those that just want to drown out the noise and kick back with a nice pilsner, you can take comfort in the fact that a desire […]

Wir Party Machen: The Music of Oktoberfest

By Corrie Purvis When you are asked to picture the music at Oktoberfest, what do you envision? Drunken, Lederhosen and Dirndl-clad partygoers, arm-in-arm, belting out their favorite German drinking songs? Or an Oompah band performing classic Bavarian folk tunes? What about a rock band shredding along to some 1980’s American hair metal? Well, at Oktoberfest, […]

What is Oktoberfest? A History of the Famed German Beer Celebration

By Ethan Angelica It’s September again, and that means it’s time for Oktoberfest! Time to break out the pretzels, cheese, live music, lederhosen and delicious, malty marzen bier, the classic Bavarian lager named for the month of March. But wait: why does Oktoberfest take place in September and celebrate a March beer? Keep reading to […]

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